May 22, 2008


Moving right along. Looking over the last scene, as much as I like the last part, the middle is a little off somehow. I don't know. It's just that it lacks the magic of the prologue and transition scenes. The first 2 scenes make me eager to see performers pull it off, but the previous post seems sort of dry, like an instruction manual. I think I've solved the problem, but I'll post the revision later.

What I often notice about my own creative process is that my first ideas are not always my best ones. Even the scenes I posted so far aren't the first incarnations of those events - only the most recent and complete ones. Looking over the scattered notes and doodles I make, it's often a wonder I manage to put down something coherent at all. I guess that's a problem with all creative people - translating the images in your head into something that you can communicate to others in a way that reflects or enriches what you initially imagined.

Part of what often stymies my process is the feeling that I have to make the layers of dynamics and meanings I imagine at different points in time obvious to my audience. I frequently feel obligated to make everything transparent despite the fact that transparent is not my nature. From time to time I think my rewriting process is un-writing and un-editing, making room for the mysteries that were in my initial conception but often get diluted once I put pen to paper. Basically, it's usually me correcting my tendency to overdo things, to put too much energy and effort into something that doesn't need it.

I'm considering is posting my revisions as separate posts, if only to show the development from draft (and a very rough one at that) to a more-or-less finished script.

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