May 22, 2008

Draft: Scene 3

(Queen's palace.)

Queen summons Snow White. Snow White arrives. Queen ushers her to Mirror. She combs Snow White's hair as she sings or hums a haunting melody, fingers moving like spider legs in Snow White's hair. The act is simultaneously motherly, seductive, and possessive. Queen shows Snow White two barrettes: one a blossom, the other a butterfly. Snow White picks the butterfly. Queen fixes it in her hair and gazes at Snow White in Mirror.

Queen offers Snow White an apple. Snow White takes the apple as if it were mana from heaven. She takes a bite. She swallows her morsel and collapses, unconscious. Queen bares Snow White's neck and bosom. She pauses. She takes out the comb, which is now a knife, then slits Snow White's throat. She gorges on Snow White's blood then transforms into a bat and flies away.


  1. Neil Gaiman wrote a short story called "Snow Glass Apples," which is a take on the Snow White story I think you would find intriguing. I heard it done as a radio play with Bebe Neuwirth, which was kind of terrifying and awesome. Just thought it was something you might appreciate.

  2. I think I read Gaiman's tale before. Although, at this point I try to stay away from influences because I notice I sort of sponge off them or simply feel inadequate, which keeps me from writing.