May 22, 2008

Act 1, Scene 1 (draft 2)

(Here and now as Sleeping Beauty dreams)
WOMAN arrives late. Beautiful but no longer young, she has the cold beauty of a rare gem or a glacier and moves with serpentine grace. She searches for a seat amongst us.
[Listening to: "Face to Face" by Siouxsie and the Banshees]
She and Mirror notice each other. Entranced, they come together and dance. They in complete harmony, Woman and Mirror, person and reflection.

Meanwhile, Trees transform into enchanted MIRRORS with eerily anthropomorphic features. They have a distorted quality similar to funhouse mirrors reflected in their postures and expressions. They rearrange themselves and and strike poses.
(We are now mirrors in a palace.)
Woman approaches Mirrors. They each give her something: makeup (lipstick at least), gloves, gown, boots, and crown. There is an element of ritual to how she dons the makeup (like war paint) and clothes (like a priceless suit of armor). She is transformed into QUEEN, a woman of terrible beauty with more than a hint of the dominatrix about her. Queen admires herself in Mirror(s).

Sleeping Beauty is now SNOW WHITE.

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  1. I haven't read all of it or even in order (the layout of the posts on blogs always frustrates me when attempting to catch up with posts in chronology). The images beguile me though.