May 22, 2008

Draft - Scene 2

(Queen's palace.)

Queen appraises herself in Mirror. Mirror touches faint wrinkles on Queen's face. Queen retreats. Mirrors turn grotesque like demons with jeering faces.

(Listening to: "Come to Daddy" by Aphex Twin)

Mirrors circle around Queen. They attack, tearing at her like sharks, like piranhas, like vultures. Queen tries to escape, but they cage her in, tearing and tearing until there is barely anything left to cover the essentials. She tries to cover herself, but it's no use. She bends and shrivels into a feeble old woman in tattered rags. Seeing herself, she falls and sobs.

Snow White arrives. She embraces Queen, holding and caressing her as tenderly as a mother and/or lover. As she does this, everything goes back to normal. Mirrors become neutral again. Queen becomes herself again.

(Listening to: "Angel" by Massive Attack)

Snow White dresses Queen. Her careful movements are reminiscent of a priestess worshiping at an altar or a saint meditating on the image of a deity. She offers Queen a newly ripe peach. Queen devours a morsel. Queen becomes a goddess, radiating beauty and power. She sees herself in Mirror, enters rapture. Suddenly the moment is gone, and Queen is mortal again.

Queen reaches for Snow White's mask. Snow White retreats, leaving Queen alone. Queen stares at herself in Mirror, pondering.

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