May 22, 2008

Act 1, Scene 4 (draft 2)

(Queen's palace.)
Queen summons Snow White. Snow White arrives. Queen ushers her to Mirror. She combs Snow White's hair as she sings or hums a haunting melody. She frequently glances in Mirror as her fingers crawl like spider legs in Snow White's hair.

Queen shows Snow White two barrettes: one a blossom, the other a butterfly. There is something too warm, too solicitous, too seductive about how she does this. Snow White hesitates. She picks the butterfly. Queen fixes it in her hair. She gazes at Snow White in Mirror.

Queen escorts Snow White - with Mirror following - into . . .
(Labyrinthine garden. We are the flowers and trees. Lovely and graceful STATUES arrive. Their beauty is hollow, for they are made of stone. There are an economy and elegance to their "steps" that suggest a court dance. They take their places in a clearing in the garden and watch, shifting positions ever so often. They could carry mirrors as basins. Meanwhile . . . )
Queen and Snow White walk among us, now and then stopping to smell the roses. Queen leads Snow White to clearing. They sit and relax for a moment.

Queen offers Snow White an apple. Snow White tastes a morsel and falls unconscious. Queen gazes at Snow White for a while, maybe even giving her a gentle caress. She takes the comb - now a knife - and slits Snow White's throat. Queen devours the youth and life pouring out of Snow White.

As Queen drinks, Statues transform into MIRRORS. Queen is now a VAMPIRE.

Once she has her fill, Vampire tries to look into Mirrors, but they turn away from her and leave. Now alone, she wraps herself in shadow and gloom and disappears.

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