May 21, 2008

Draft - Transition

I made a few changes to the Prologue. You might want to read it again to make sure everything is clear.

While Sleeping Beauty dreams, an elegant WOMAN arrives late and looks for a seat. Beautiful but no longer young, something about her manner suggests a serpent.

(Listening to: "Face to Face" by Siouxsie and the Banshees).

She and Mirror stop and notice each other at the same time. Entranced, they come together and explore one another, mirror images of each other.

As if it were a kind of dance, Mirror hands Woman various items - concealer, eye shadow, lipstick - that Woman dons almost like war paint, ever gazing at herself in Mirror. Mirror hands her various items of clothing - gloves, gown, boots, crown - which Woman dons almost like a priceless suit of armor. There is a touch (maybe more) of the dominatrix in her appearance and bearing. A creature of terrible beauty, Woman is now QUEEN.

Queen admires her handiwork.

Meanwhile, Trees become enchanted MIRRORS (perhaps even furniture too) with eerily humanoid features. We too become mirrors.

Sleeping Beauty is now SNOW WHITE.

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