May 22, 2008

Act 1, Scene 3 (draft 2)

(Queen's palace.)
Queen appraises herself in Mirror. Mirror touches faint wrinkles on Queen's face. Queen recoils.
[Listening to: "Come to Daddy" by Aphex Twin]
Queen has terrible nightmare where . . .

Mirrors turn grotesque, demonic. They attack Queen, ripping at her clothes and flesh like sharks, like piranhas, like vultures. They could also throw things at her as well - makeup, shoes, combs and brushes, etc. Queen tries to escape, but Mirrors cage her in. She tries to shield herself, but it's no use. They tear and tear until there is barely anything left to cover the essentials.

Queen bends and shrivels into a feeble old woman. Mirrors disappear. Old, ugly, and alone, Queen weeps.
[Listening to: "Angel" by Massive Attack]
Snow White arrives. She comforts Queen, who regains her composure. With hands and lips and tongue, Snow White pays homage to Queen as she replaces Queen's clothes. It is reminiscent of a priestess worshiping an altar. Clothes and dignity restored, Queen dismisses Snow White.

Queen thinks for a moment. A Mirror returns.

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