May 21, 2008

Draft - Scene 1

For some odd reason, this story is coming together more easily on my blog than on paper. I don't know why that is.

(Queen's palace. It's a place of cold beauty like a gem, a glacier, a snake. A place much like its mistress.)

Queen summons Snow White. Snow White arrives and nearly swoons upon seeing Queen. Queen watches Snow White stumble over a proper greeting. Snow White starts dusting off Mirrors. Queen appraises herself in Mirror one more time. Snow White sneaks a glance. Queen leaves.

Snow White cleans Mirror with the care and devotion of a priestess cleaning an idol. After she is done, she looks into Mirror. She caresses its face. Mirror awakens. It wipes dirt off her face and hair. It tempts her with lipstick. Snow White hesitates. Mirror persists. Snow White takes the lipstick, carefully examining it. She gazes at herself in Mirror. The moment hovers.

Queen returns and gazes at Snow White. Snow White notices Queen and startles. She frantically drops to the floor and starts cleaning. Queen advances on Snow White, towering over her. Snow White pauses. Time slows down. Absolute silence.

(Listening to: "Venus in Furs" by The Velvet Underground)

Snow White cleans Queen's boots - an act of worship - occasionally caressing or even kissing them. Queen barely represses an orgasm. She looks at herself in Mirror then shoves Snow White away. Snow White retreats and disappears. Queen clings to Mirror.

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