May 22, 2008

Act 1, Scene 2 (draft 2)

(As Woman becomes Queen.)
Snow White awakens and walks amongst us, cleaning us off and dressing us up with flowers.

Queen summons Snow White. Snow White obeys and gets to work cleaning Mirrors. Queen leaves. A Mirror follows.

Near Mirror, Snow White finds a pair of Queen's shoes. She examines them as if they are relics. She slips them on, appraising herself in Mirrors. She seems more and more like Queen. It is an unsettling resemblance. Maybe the shoes are a bit too small, though.

Snow White daydreams about three PRINCES. There is nothing charming about them. They are hard and rough, maybe even a little bloody. Despite their royal attire, they are more like wild lions than men. Mirrors join us as SPECTATORS of a strange circus where . . .

The first Prince does various tricks with 3 eggs. At the end of his performance, he cracks them open. Instead of yolk, each one bears one kind of treasure: silver, gold, and gems.

The second Prince has a fine cloak. He puts it on and vanishes, reappearing in our world. He takes a few trinkets from us and brings them back to her. He gives the cloak to Snow White to try.

Snow White dons the cloak and goes to the underworld.
(Underworld. Spectators - and we - are GHOSTS floating in limbo.)
Snow White travels amongst us, retrieves an OLD WOMAN.
(World of the living. Ghosts become MIRRORS again, as do we.)
Snow White returns with Old Woman.

The third Prince has a simple bottle or skein full of water. He gives some water to Old Woman, who is instantly revived and rejuvenated.

Queen returns. Daydream disperses.
[Listening to: "Venus in Furs" by The Velvet Underground]
Snow White notices Queen and cowers at her feet. Queen beckons Snow White to return the shoes. Snow White obeys. Queen lets the moment hover.

Queen whips Snow White. Her measured strikes - and Snow White's carefully timed trembling - carry the weight of a religious ritual with a strong BDSM twist. Her strikes grow more feverish and unrestrained. Once exhausted, she dismisses Snow White.

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