May 9, 2008

Playwriting and Voodoo dolls

I wish I had enchanted little dolls that would move around like I tell them to. I have Elrond and his twin brother, Aragorn, a Nazgul and his very big brother, and Sesshoumaru. All they want to do is stage combat. If they don't get to play with swords, they're completely useless.

I wish I could afford "scenery" for them too. This would make it a lot easier to get pen to paper. I don't know why, but I have to experience something in at least three dimensions to really understand it. Otherwise, it's all kind of a fog. For instance, most painting leaves me cold. I literally don't get it, but sculpture immediately engages me. Same thing with most poetry. I just don't get it. But music without lyrics often moves me very deeply.

It's hard to describe how often I simply struggle with words, how often the verbiage just gets in the way. Maybe I'm just not a writer.


  1. My thoughts...

    Have you read any of Susan Lori Parks manifestos about the sorts of things she does when writing?

    She says sometimes she has to stand or dance while writing. Virginia Woolf also apparently had to stand while writing.

    So, there is nothing wrong with have ritual or methods or voodoo dolls in enable yourself.

    So, if you need action figures (I call them action figures) to write then get them. Or make them. If that works then that's your way!

    If sculpture engages you then why not get some clay and fabric and make your own action figures...that might get those creative juices flowing.

    You have addressed in previous posts some of the obstacles the world has placed for you due to your identity.

    When you say "Maybe I'm just not a writer"...It makes me hope that you don't turn yourself into your own obstacle. You know?

  2. sorry again for the grammar issues. I never see them until after I send. I think I have a condition...I've called it lobster claws in the past, but I'm starting to think it might be a lobster brain instead,

  3. Devilvet,

    I know I'm my own writer's block. I have a lot of things going on in my life right now, not the least of which is unemployment, but in the meantime I'm doing what I can to learn more.

    Speaking of playwriting, I've come across a copy of Artaud's "Theater and Its Double." Fascinating stuff, much of which I identify with. I'll probably post something about it soon.

  4. I knew a director who blocked all of her shows with the ground plan and a bag of m&m's. She used a different color for each actor and moved them around the plot to plan her blocking before rehearsal. And then when they exited, she could eat the m&m's. I say, bust out those action figures. And maybe watch a few episodes of "Robot Chicken" for inspiration!