May 20, 2008

Draft - Prologue (of sorts)

This is me working out some stuff. For some odd reason, I write better when I post than when I simply type it or write it. Feel free to comment, but this is not ready for a critique just yet (namely because it isn't done). The scene isn't finished mainly because the rest of the play isn't. I may follow up with some notes or something.

I do, however, have an issue with format. Although I could technically put this as a very long scene description, is there an alternative method I can use to convey the flow of what happens on stage?

As we settle in and get quiet, we become sentient trees inhabiting a magical forest.

Other TREES appear. They seem uncannily humanoid, even to the point of having facial expressions. They “walk” by uprooting then re-rooting themselves. Their slow, lumbering gait, a sort of shambling, has a rhythm to it, each step like a drumbeat. One by one, they root themselves to a spot.

GIRL rides a bike through the forest. Wearing all white and a blank white mask covering her face, she looks like a ghost (which, perhaps, she is). She floats through the tress (who are watching) as if in her own little world.

CRONE arrives draped in a shadowy cloak that hides her face. Prowling the outskirts of the forest, she waits and watches, intrigued by the bike, this incarnation of human ingenuity. Girl notices Crone. She dismounts and invites Crone to examine the bike. Crone emerges from the shadows and does so. She mounts the bike and rides a little, swiftly and easily flying through the trees like an owl. Girl marvels.

Crone flips the bike upside-down. It is now a spinning wheel. She spins. Girl marvels at it. Crone beckons Girl to the wheel. Girl keeps her distance. Crone ushers Girl to the spinning wheel, a gesture both nurturing and seductive. She positions Girl at the wheel. Girl tries her hand at spinning but slips up and pricks her finger. Crone watches as Girl stumbles away from wheel. Consciousness slipping away, Girl falls.

Crone transforms into a powerful ENCHANTRESS. Girl drifts into a torpor. Enchantress laughs and vanishes. Girl, now SLEEPING BEAUTY, dreams of . . .

A DWARF trying out the spinning wheel then turning it back into a bike and riding away . . .

A blood RED CLOAK worn by a mysterious figure wandering through the forest . . .

A bloody GROOM dumping body parts into a sack . . .

A MIRROR beckoning all to look . . .

[more TBD]


  1. Reminds me a bit of some of the Suzan-Lori Parks pieces I directed last year for 365 days/365 plays. With maybe a hint of a little David Lynch to come. Intriguing!

    This may be a weird question, but I'm curious about weird things. Since you posted your brief production notes in your other post... what are your thoughts on whether the "dwarf" needs to be played by an actual little person actor?

  2. Regarding the Dwarf, if there's a little person who wants to do it, fine by me, but it isn't an absolute requirement.