September 2, 2010

Save the date: November 12

I'm going to do something on Friday, November 12.

I can't tell you where it will be or exactly what will happen, but it will hopefully involve cake, ice cream, fun and games, and a staged reading of Tulpa, or Anne&Me. So I'm giving you a heads up 2 months in advance so you can make sure your ass is there.

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  1. Hi, I really liked your response to Icon on stylized conclusions. My name's Tyece and I made a couple of comments with, what i thought, were a possible solution to the angst the black women feel regarding the topic at hand. I was also attacked, feeling like she did not understand my stance. she asked for solutions but became defensive when it was one she didnt agree with. so i wrote her a personal note and just gave up as i feel like she has a lot of growing to do. and possibly some unresolved issues regarding self acceptance.her stance on core issues regarding black women is great but she kind of contradicts herself with this talk of the assimilation process that i feel is a bit unhealthy. Her response to you disturbed me as she stated one should not follow their passions in life and brown nose. SMDH.......i couldnt believe what i was reading. I loved her last blog alienated conclusions but this I must take off of my blog list.too bad......and good luck to you my sister.