May 13, 2010

Supplementary material for a DIY production

So what would make a good add-on for supporters of the show? I can't exactly make or buy anything.

I got a copy of the script of Alice in Slasherland for writing a review. Is there something that can be at least as cool?

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  1. Yeah, this one can be tough. Perhaps ask some vendors about donating items (full disclosure: Nosedive has had very middling success with this, but other companies have done well) that you can raffle off. Gift certificates to stores/restaurants, vouchers for a free personal training session, things like that. Have you or any friends received DVDs as gifts you don't want and haven't opened? Or do you have friends that have cool goods or services (either items or swag from their work) they'd be willing to part with? My sister works at a publishing house, so often we give away brand new hardcover books as raffle items or/gifts. Maybe something worth looking into.