January 15, 2015

Dusting off this blog

 I know, I know, I've been bad.

I've been neglecting this blog for so long.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, I come bearing news and thoughts.

First of all, I eagerly await my return to NYC. Although Queens is cheaper, I love Brooklyn, so if you know somebody with an affordable, peaceful, critter-free apartment they'd like a roommate for, let me know.

Now, onto the writing stuff.

As you know, I'm shopping around "Encanta" to just about every open submission for full-length plays of the appropriate length, genre, and content.

I did a rewrite of a ten-minute play, and I've also completed a first draft of a one-act play.

Strangely enough, I find that I like the format. Much in the same vein as I prefer short stories to novels the vast majority of the time.

Something about the one-act format gives me time to flesh out an idea while at the same time not taking forever and a day to get to the point.

But there is still something inside me that rebels at not giving people at least 90 minutes of entertainment for their $10, $15, $20, or $25 (no more than that, mkay? Money is tight).

I suppose if I were more prolific, and wrote all these short plays I have ideas for, I could easily put together a showcase of 3 or 4 such plays to give people an idea of who I am as a writer and theare maker.

Other than that, it's been good, albeit frustrating to not yet be where I wish to be.