May 2, 2010

Oh, HELL yes!

Alienated Conclusions gives us the Black Girl's Manifesto: The Basic Rights of Femininity. A few drops of awesome sauce:

6. Black women and girls have the right to love, to be loved, to be treated as human beings effortlessly.

15. Black women and girls have the right to sexual freedom and identity. Like straight black women, GLBT black women have the RIGHT to demand fairness and marriage over the stereotypes that prevent it.

21. It is not black women's responsibilities to take on the burdens of their community, anymore than any other women, because of their skin color.

30. Black women have the right to reject white feminism, black male nationalism, liberalism, anarchism, and so forth because it does not apply to their particular circumstances. They are allowed to do so without fear of alienating potential ally's. Such groups have never really considered their particular struggles to begin with.

Go read the rest here!

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