February 4, 2010

Is theatre blogosphere finally starting to speak truth to power?

It's about time. 99 Seats kicks it off:

[...] we have a problem in our theatres and we kind of dance around it. That's what's been frustrating about this last flowering of discussion and some other similar things lately. There's an invisible elephant in the room and no one wants to call it what it is. We each grab a part of it, like the old fable goes, and think we have have a tree, a snake, a wall, but we don't put it together and call it what it is.
I wish I could say that this fills me with hope. It doesn't. Not the least because I've seen this song and dance before. I'm not picking on J. Holtham here - simply not hiding what I've learned to expect.


  1. I hit you back. And I, uh, kind of lost my sh*t on Thomas Garvey. I know you could handle him on your own, but...that man drives me crazy.

    Yo, hit me with an e-mail, would you?

  2. 99,

    Honestly, I really don't have the time or the inclination to deal with that shit right now.