May 26, 2011

To Do, To Watch, To Go

Looks like June's going to be a busy month. Lots to do, watch, and go to.

I'm going to do my best to see Flux Theatre Ensemble's Ajax in Iraq as well as BOTH of Nosedive's works:  Captain Moonbeam & Lynchpin/Savior and Freaks from the Morgue. I could do worse with my money (like see some summer blockbuster film that I know will be terrible *cough*Green Lantern*cough*).

In the meantime, Mom will be coming to NYC with my uncle and her friend. We're going to the Bronx Zoo. Shut up.


  1. If you opt not to see it, I'll let you know if Green Lantern is worth your time.

  2. That would help a lot. I have to decide between Green Lantern and something less mainstream.

  3. Saw you linked on Racialicious, congrats!