May 3, 2011

reflections on narrative

(SCENE: Cyberspace. Electricity flashes like many strobelights, as do many electronic images.)

Enter SELF #1. Devo's "Smart Patrol" starts playing. SELF #1 lip-synchs while playing air guitar and dancing like a jerk.

Enter SELF #2 pushing a baby doll in a stroller. She tries to feed it baby food.

SELF #2: C'mon, sweetheart, eat your spinach.

SELF #1: (singing) Understands my potato . . .

Enter SELF #3 wearing a trench coat. She squats on the stage and relieves herself.

SELF #2 keeps trying to feed the doll and gets baby food all over the doll's face.

SELF #2: What's wrong, honey? Why won't you eat your spinach?

SELF #3: I hate you all!

SELF #1: (singing) Looking for the real tomato . . .

SELF #3 pulls out a really big gun and shoots the audience.

SELF #2 forcefully shoves spoonfuls of baby food onto the doll's face.

SELF #2: I said eat it, damnit! Stupid fucking thing! I should've left you where I found you!

She rips the baby doll from the stroller and hurls it into the audience.

SELF #1: (singing) We shot the balls in the hole . . .

Enter SELF #4.

SELF #4: What were you expecting? A story? A narrative? A plot line? Such primitive tools are crutches for the feeble. Cast yourself into the sea of non-sequitur. Liberate yourself from all desire to make any sense. (singing to Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime") You may ask yourself well how did I get here?

SELF #1 plays the hell out of that guitar solo with her air guitar.

SELF #4: (singing) You may ask yourself, what is that beautiful house? You may ask yourself, where does that highway lead to? You may ask yourself, am I right, am I wrong? You may ask yourself, my God what have I done?

SELF #1 hits SELF #4 in the head with the guitar.

SELF #4: (singing) Same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was. Same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was.

SELF #4 dies.

SELF #1: What is my motivation?

SELF #1 takes a bow. Exit SELF #1.

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