June 13, 2010

Thank you theatrosphere!

Special props to Guy, James Comtois (whose play, "The Little One" is my birthday gift to myself) and Gus Schulenburg (who still needs to be thwacked in the nuts). To support Crossroads Theatre Project, click on the logo below:

Donate now!

For everyone else reading along who may have forgotten or just wants me to shut up about it, every little bit helps. Even if it's just $10. That's like, 2 drinks at a NYC nightclub. C'mon - am I worth 2 beers? Think of it as a virtual date*. Such as:

  • $10: Couple of drinks
  • $25: See a show together
  • $50: Nice dinner
  • $100: Dinner and a movie with popcorn and shit
  • $250: Weekend getaway
 *What's cool about a virtual date is that it's not a date-date, so if you already have a significant other, it's not cheating. Not exactly. Well, you're cheating with your mind on the internet. But it's not the same thing!

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