June 16, 2010

crossroads, making progress, and thoughts on fundraising

So, Crossroads Theatre Project is gaining momentum thanks to some very generous supporters (from the blogosphere and LiveJournal). In a little less than 10 days, people have contributed over $300 in support.

This looks like a little bit, but if you extrapolate over a few weeks, that's a hell of a lot for a no-name play by a no-name playwright. There's still a long way to go, but if things keep going at this rate, we'll meet the financial goals for a full production of Tulpa, or Anne&Me within 10 weeks.

And the benefits of that are very tangible for our would-be audience. In a nutshell, more shows at reasonable prices*.

(*I define reasonable as what I'd pay to go see a movie - ticket, popcorn, and soda. I got the ticket part down. It's the popcorn and soda I need to work on.)

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