May 8, 2010

regarding dumbasses at Harvard (aka Stephanie Grace)

I know that, considering many of the things I've said and thought, I should be shocked and outraged. But I'm not. The most I could muster is a shoulder shrug. The only thing that's news about what happened is that it got found out. That White people think Black people are dumber than them is only news to White people.

More than the event itself, what concerns me is how this will be used as a kind of "get out of being called racist free" card where, instead of looking at what happened as a call for greater self-examination on the part of White-dominated institutions followed by efforts to change the systemic inequities inherent in them, Nice White People will pretty much jut pat themselves on the back for not (deliberately) being Stephanie Grace.

So, once again, at the end of the day, what matters most are not the lives of people of color (Black people, in this case), but the image of White people.

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  1. I thought you had to be smart to get into Harvard.