May 10, 2010

Reading for Anne&Me tonight!

And my pimp - er, pal James Comtois gives you some info over here.

(See me giving hits up to people's stuff?)

Of course, I guess it would be pretty smart if I gave you something extra for you to get a more complete picture of the process. Honestly, reading just about anything under the race, gender, or sexuality tags here is a good start. But you can also head over to my LiveJournal (shutupshutupshutupshutup) and look at a few scenes and ruminations from previous incarnations of Anne&Me.

You may also want to get your bell hooks on (especially Ain't I a Woman, Black Looks, and Sisters of the Yam).

Then smoke some weed or do some mushrooms and learn about the tulpa.

And watch Paranormal Activity at home by yourself at night with the lights cut out.

And maybe read Michael Ende's The Neverending Story (nothing like those movies - although the first one is the shit because I love me some Gmork).

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