February 5, 2010

My monarch of choice in www@nderland

In case you didn't know, I'm a real fantasy movie buff. I love alternative worlds. So naturally I'm jazzed up to see Burton's rendition of Alice in Wonderland (my God, anything but that damn Disney movie!). I hope he doesn't mar it with Daddy issues this time around (see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), but I'm willing to deal with it since the title character of my new piece is in it.

Anyway, the English major in me is fascinated by the dynamics of the internal lives of women, as well as how they connects with Black women's experiences. I thought to myself, "If I found myself in Wonderland, whose court would I choose? The White Queen - or the Red Queen*?"

You'd think the answer is simple enough. The White Queen is "good," right? She's beautiful, kind and loves animals. What's not to like?

The Red Queen - oh, boy, what is there to like? Harsh, autocratic, and sadistic, her favorite past-time is beheading people and barking orders. 

Yet, if I look at my own life and what I've gone through, it's that Fury of a monarch who'd get my allegiance. The White Queen might be nice to me, but the Red Queen understands.

* There is some confusion about this character because so many adaptations combine her character with that of the Queen of Hearts, but for the sake of this blog entry, I'm going with that.

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