August 17, 2008

Snow White (a scene)

We are the wedding guests. Servants walk around with trays of hors d'ouerves and drinks. There may even be a pristine white wedding cake.

Snow White and her prince preside over the celebration, young and beautiful and happy - for now. The prince parades his bride around, greeting us, tanking us for coming, asking if we'd tried this or that.

Everyone finds their seat when Snow White waves in the entertainment.

Servants drag the queen into the party and shove her to the ground.

Stripped of her dignity - perhaps even her clothes - she looks like a striking yet harmless old woman. Snow White chuckles. Everyone boos, hisses, and jeers. The queen does her best to shield herself from the onslaught of insults, food, and spit.


A servant enters bearing a gift box which is open with great ceremony, revealing a pair of apple red shoes, the queen's shoes.

As soon as she sees them, the queen struggles fiercely, but she can't escape. They get the shoes on her.


Snow White claps, acting as a kind of metronome. Everyone joins in. "Dance! Dance! Dance!" we chant. The queen tries to resist, but the magic and the music are too strong. She begins to dance. She moves in perfect time, stepping and spinning, leaping and twirling. It's a schizophrenic display as her legs and feet move to the music while her upper body tries to resist.

Snow White chuckles.

The tempo gets faster. It's clear the dance pains the queen as she hisses, yelps, whimpers, and sobs with every step. Yet still she dances. Even as she tries to stop herself. Even as she tries to reach to us for help. She doesn't stop.

Snow White laughs.

Now the dance is a total frenzy. The queen moves with abandon as she is danced beyond reason, beyond control, beyond sanity. Snow White laughs. But the queen is still dancing, dancing, dancing . . .

Then she falls down dead.


Snow White applauds ("Bravo!"). She and her prince share a chaste kiss.

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