August 16, 2008

Fringe NYC and other distractions

It seems I came to Brooklyn just in time. FringeNYC is underway, and apparently tickets are cheap. I'd like to get at least 5 shows in, but I can't afford it (especially since I'm not currently employed). :(

But how I want to go!

There's so much to choose from. If anybody's in NYC who's doing the Fringe and/or has extra tickets, let me know. Then again, I could show up early dressed in black and see where that takes me.

In other news, I've discovered a few places I really like. The first is St. Mark's Place between 1st and 2nd Avenue (Manhattan). Lots of restaurants with good food. The only problem is that the portions are huge, and I have to force myself to eat it all (generally to the point of wishing I hadn't). I've discovered that if I keep busy and drink enough water, I can easily stay full on 2 meals a day.

St. Mark's also has a used bookshop with a treasure trove of drama texts. I don't mean plays. I mean books about drama. I'm going to pick up "The Empty Space" and "Theater and Its Double" when I get a chance (maybe tomorrow; it depends).

If I ever go crazy enough to actually want to live in Manhattan, I hope I can find something close to St. Mark's.

Isaac showed me around the major parts of Boerum Hill. I really like that part of Brooklyn too. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to rent a room there before it gets completely gentrified.

And I have a question: Why does it seem like every time I go out it takes at least half an hour longer than HopStop says it should?

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