August 25, 2008

Red Riding Hood (a scene)

We are the vermin living between the cracks and crevices of grandmother's house. We watch as . . .

The wolf enters dressed in granny's nightclothes. It practices its grandmother schtick - all slow, achy steps with strategic coughs. It takes a few tries, but the wolf gradually assumes an eerily accurate portrayal of a sick old woman.

Red Riding Hood enters. She takes in the sight of her sick "grandmother." She rushes to help. She gently ushers "granny" to bed, easing her down with almost maternal tenderness then covers "granny" with a blanket.

Red Riding Hood takes a good long look at her "grandmother." The wolf looks back with devouring eyes before it yawns and kicks off grandmother's slippers. Red Riding Hood kicks off her shoes.

The wolf slips off grandmother's cap (or head scarf). Red Riding Hood slips off her cloak.

The wolf peels off grandmother's nightgown. Red Riding Hood peels off her dress.

The wolf holds up the blanket, inviting . . .

Red Riding Hood hesitates. The wolf gives her more room.

Red Riding Hood slides into bed. She traces the wolf's brows - what big eyes. The wolf stares openly - all the better to see her with.

Red Riding Hood feels the wolf's ears - what big ears. The wolf listens to Red Riding Hood's heartbeat - all the better to hear her with.

Red Riding Hood examines the wolf's hands - what big hands. The wolf holds her close, intimate and just shy of crushing. All the better to hold her with.

Red Riding Hood loosely embraces the wolf. The wolf strokes Red Riding Hood's skin, coaxing her to relax. Red Riding Hood snuggles into the wolf's arms. The wolf sniffs Red Riding Hood then tastes her with a long lick along her neck, shoulders, chest.

Red Riding Hood startles and shoves the wolf away - what big teeth!

The wolf bares its fangs, snarls, and pounces. All the better to eat her with.

Darkness and a scream as Red Riding Hood is gobbled up.

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