April 3, 2011

Tulpa is ALMOST there thanks to YOU!

Everything you've done so far - big favors or small acts of kindness - is the reason why Tulpa, or Anne&Me has come this far. No matter what your role is in this project - artist, audience member, moral support or just a little help in the background - everything you do means a lot. I really appreciate everyone who's had a hand (or finger or toe) in making Tulpa possible.

Because of you, we have less than $150 to go! That's only 6 people donating just $25 each!

If Tulpa, or Anne&Me has touched your life in any way, please let people know by:
  • forwarding this e-mail to friends you think would be interested
  • connecting to RVCBard on Twitter
  • sending your ideas for the next phase of Tulpa, or Anne&Me
  • leaving comments on this blog or at Ars Marginal
  • telling a friend (or 10) about this crazy play you heard about/acted in/directed/contributed to
  • pitching a story or project related to Tulpa, or Anne&Me so we can get the word out
  • coming to the FUNraiser on April 9 so you can meet everyone and have a good time
Working on Tulpa, or Anne&Me has taught me something very important: to challenge my expectations. Most of the people contributing to Tulpa, or Anne&Me have not been artists or activists or academics, but regular people who've read the script or checked out Tulpa's IndieGoGo campaign and said, "Yes, this is what I need to see," or "Finally! Someone who's talking about this like a real person and not a pundit," or "Thank God! Someone understands!"

It cuts across age, income, and race. It gives me a lot of hope to see that the greatest hope for real change comes from everyday people like you.

I appreciate that, and I mean it.



  1. Have you connected with Horse Trade and the Fire This Time Festival? It's a really wonderful mini festival dedicated to writers of color. Also, EST's Crossing the River, which is specifically for black women and J. Holtham's new blackfest? I know all of them, so let me know if I can do introductions.

  2. Josh,

    Cool! I'd love to get in touch with them. If any of you can make it to Saturday's FUNraiser, that'd be the perfect time to do that!

    Great movie, nice food, good company, and happy hour drink prices!