March 3, 2010

RIP Scott (The truth is out there)

Scott admits he's wrong about something. Like, twice.

I think it's now time to mount a full investigation to alien abductions, for it is clear that Scott Walters has been replaced by one of the pod people. To what purpose the aliens have made off with our favorite cantankerous professor out there in the boonies, I do not know. But I am certain that it must indeed be a nefarious plot by the NYLACHI powers that be.


  1. What? Me? Never been wrong in my life!

  2. But did he really admit he was wrong about something? Were his actual words, "I was wrong?"

  3. "As Shakespeare might have said (perhaps in a W. C. Fields voice), "Hoist on my own petard." Mac Rogers is right, and so is Matt."

    "Like Mac Rogers, Don Hall is right."

    So, to answer your question, "No."

    But after some of the conversations I've had, I've learned to take what I can get. :P

  4. He's like Fonzie, tho' ... he can say others are right, but he cannot really bring himself to say he was wr ... wr ... wron ... g ...