February 20, 2008


This blog is basically just a place where I can discuss with friends and invited guests things that are important to me. I mean "discuss" in the genuine sense. I'm not much for soapboxes. I'm more interested in making connections.


There are a few things to keep in mind about posting here.

1. Check your privilege. I want this place to be uncluttered by entitlement issues. I deal with enough of that crap in real life, so for my own sanity I'm not allowing it here. It's OK to passionately disagree, but I'm not interested in perpetuating real-life dynamics that oppress women, people of color, LGBQT people, religious minorities, the disabled, and so on and so forth. This is all I'm going to explain. It is your responsibility to educate yourself about the issues related to this post.

2. Keep it civil. I know that the anonymity of the Internet gives a lot of people courage they wouldn't have face-to-face. This isn't the place for that. I'm assuming you're grown, so I don't have to explain anymore.

3. This is my blog. I can have an edgy way of saying things. This isn't intended to offend people or hurt their feelings. If you call me on it, I'll probably apologize. Or not. Here's a hint: I'm much easier to deal with if you talk to me rather than at me.

I think that's about all for the time being. I'll update if things change.