July 15, 2010

aesthetics, canon, and social justice at SWPD

There are a couple of great posts at Stuff White People Do about To Kill A Mockingbird that get into aesthetics, culture, canon, and social justice. Be sure to read the comments because that's where the real action is.

First check out swpd: warmly embrace a racist novel (to kill a mockingbird). Then head over to swpd: force non-white students to read "great literature" that demeans them.

It's one of those rare discussions about an incendiary topic (especially down South where I'm from) where there is disagreement without denial, dismissal, and delusion.

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  1. This goes back to the issue I have with Huckleberry Finn. Most people think that it's just solely the N-word that blacks get pissed off about. While that's an issue in itself, what really irks us is this romanticized version of the South and its depiction on slavery which is a far cry from more accurate depictions like say Alex Haley's Roots.