September 27, 2008

Etude 3 - Task

Now that we've explored a bit with activities, let's add another layer of complexity by working with tasks.

I'm defining task here as any physical activity with an inherent goal. The most obvious example, of course, is a chore such as sweeping, cleaning, washing, etc. But there are also things like building, arranging, etc. Fortunately, my vocabulary is a little more extensive this time around:
clean, organize, dress, find
arrange, cut, cook, seek,
wash, pack, guard, examine,
sweep, comb, escape
Although this etude seems like a repeat of the previous one, there is one significant difference: the presence of a clear action or objective. The previous actions could serve as objectives, but in this case the questions are clear. Will the character finish the task? Does anything get in the character's way? How does the character resolve (or attempt to resolve) the problem?

In the next layer, we start to get interactive. But that's for later.

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