February 22, 2011

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) describes life without Planned Parenthood

If you see Justin Bieber, let him know about this:

Note how our Congress reveals its contempt for poor people (especially poor people of color). Hey, Josh!

And Bloomberg is worried about poor folks buying soda!


  1. What's amazing about this video is that if you see the moments before, her whole speech was prompted by a white, male republican saying that abortion is basically a genocide of black babies, to wit Rep Moore rightfully had to say, "Fuck. That. Noise."

    And then there's this crazy noise:

    So basically, get ready for Republicans to use a new found compassion for poor black mothers in order to remove womens right to choose.

    I wonder how much they'd care about poor black mothers AFTER women no longer have the right to regulate their own bodies. Probably about as much as they care about these babies they forced women to have. Fight for their right to be born, and then forget 'em forever.

  2. No sooner had I posted did I find this:


    Get ready.

  3. @Josh:

    Oh, no! I'm battling a serious head cold on no medical insurance, and I know better than to put that crap on my radar.