April 30, 2010

Budgeting, fundraising, and other money matters

So Crossroads is now at a . . . crossroads.

We've decided what we're going to do. We picked a place (or at least a price range). We have an idea of when (between mid-June and mid-July).

Now all we have to do is pay for space, actors, and props without coming out of our pockets. Given our needs, $1,000 is pretty much all we need (it's pretty generous, in fact). With $1,000, we can ask Fractured Atlas for fiscal sponsorship, so people can get tax breaks by giving us more money.

That means fundraising.

Waitwaitwait! I'm not asking you for money. I'm just brainstorming.

See, rather than trying a fundraising campaign that may or may not work based on ideas that may or may not be based in reality, I'm directly asking you, dear theatre blogosphere: 

What it would take for you to part with $1-$99?

You read that right. I'm accepting at most double-digit donations from individuals. More than that, without official non-profit status, just makes me antsy.

Really, what needs to happen to get you to help put this show on stage?
  • You need tickets? You do realize I was going to set some of those aside for you anyway, right?
  • Want your name on something? We can put it on the playbill.
  • The good seats? C'mon. You'll more than likely be sitting on a folding chair. But if it means that much to you, we can put you in the front row.
  • Early bird or latecomer specials? There's only one night - 4 hours of theatre - so there's only one chance to see it.
  • Advertise your stuff at our show - but that almost goes without saying.
So, let's do it. What would it take for you to help make this happen?


  1. I tend to give (what little funds I have) where I think they will have impact and where I believe in the work being done. I'm less interested in the perks, though I know they matter to some. Crossroads has a strong mission with a smart leader, and that's more important to me than good seats. So let's get this show on the stage!

  2. Ha! I got another response over at the Conflicted blog (adds to blogroll).

  3. Nah, I usually don't require any of those things. I'm slowly and steadily getting to a place financially where I can donate more regularly/consistently. I usually donate to companies I like. It's not much and it's sporadic, but I usually don't require good seats or free tickets (my donations in general are pretty small, so seeking comps would be like me just buying my tickets in advance rather than donating, which would defeat the purpose).