July 6, 2008


I never particularly liked poetry, but from time to time I'm inspired to write some. It's never anything serious, just brain farts. Here's the latest one:

hand me no bouquet
on my wedding day
for my love is not some sweet
frilly frothy thing
give me rather a seed
to plant in the soul of my heart
and water with the sweat of my brow
and tears of laughter and pain

give me no gold or diamonds
on my wedding ring
for my love is not all shine and sparkle
dazzling for all to see
i shall wear a ring of iron
hard thick heavy
as i am strong enough to bear it
and it strong enough to bear me

play for me no music
on my wedding day
for no word or sound
goes as deep as my love
i want only silence
as we exchange our vows
straight from heart to heart
unfettered by forms

give me no light
where i am wed
for i cannot know
where love will take me
let us have night
my love and i two souls
in the darkness together
finding our way together

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