June 1, 2008


Looking over the first part of the story, I'm thinking of altering some of the more erotic elements. I like them, don't get me wrong, but I think they're a bit too transparent. I think I was embellishing on my original idea instead of sticking to it and suggesting rather than being blatant.

Also, I've lately questioned the wisdom of having trees, mirrors, etc. be portrayed by actors. It might be asking too much to have so many bodies on the stage. Perhaps just having the audience (the ever-present "we" I often describe) be these things is enough.

I hope to get a draft of Red Riding Hood soon. But that's where I am now.


  1. "Perhaps just having the audience (the ever-present 'we' I often describe) be these things is enough."

    Can you give some examples of how to do that, besides just saying to the audience "Now you are trees" or "Now you are mirrors"?

  2. I'm commenting on this one first because it's the most direct question I can answer fully at the moment.

    In my mind, I often see the audience holding various things to suggest they're trees and what not. Maybe even giving them instructions (something really simple like, "You'll need these - take them out when you see an actor onstage taking it out" or some such). and having one actor show them which prop to hold next. So, perhaps each seat has a tree branch, mirror, etc. etc. And the audience gets to take part that way.

  3. I love it!

    I hope you don't have a software patent on it! I might be able to use that idea somehow in my work.

  4. I can't really lay claim to what's essentially a theatrical Hokey-Pokey.