April 14, 2008

Putting It Out There

This is my attempt to reach out to the people who read this to see if they can help.

I'm moving to NYC by the first week of July. I've made my decision and done my research, so there's nothing anyone can do to dissuade me aside from New York being invaded by zombies or vaporized by a nuclear bomb. I realize that finding a place to stay will be a lot easier if I find work first. Ideally I'd like a position where I can use my talent for writing and editing, but I'd be a freelance security guard for a theater if it came down to that (in other words, sleep on a prop couch and make sure nobody breaks in). I don't care if it's entry-level as long as I can take care of necessities like rent and food while building contacts with the local theater community. Otherwise, I'm seriously considering the merits of living on the subway or a park bench..

Can somebody help me here?


  1. Hey Shawn! Good luck with everything. I hope New York welcomes you with open arms!

  2. Hi! I only know about the theater part, but if you have any questions for me about that, I'm at mac dot rogers at gmail dot com. My blog's here:


    Best of luck with your move!